Amateur Sports Club Insurance for Brokers


Provides a cash benefit in the event of accidental bodily injury to club members and compensation regardless of legal liability cover provided for amateur members who receive no financial gain or payment (other than reimbursement for travel or out of pocket expenses).


  • Extensive range of sporting activities
  • Social activities can be included
  • Varying benefit and payment periods
  • Flexible benefit levels
  • Wide range of extensions
  • Senior and junior members covered
  • Team and non-team sports/activities

Key Features

  • Age limit between 5 and 79 years inclusive
  • Travel insurance for overseas tours considered
  • Maximum sum insured £100,000 for capitals
  • Maximum sum insured £300 for weeklies
  • Premium saving for Juniors as no income benefit

Sports Club Quotes - What We Need To Know

  • name of sports club proposing for insurance
  • name and address of club official responsible for administration
  • year club founded
  • total club membership
  • sports to be insured (team and non-team)
  • number of teams – team sports and individual sports
    - individual sports rated per 20 members or part thereof
  • breakdown of how many junior members
  • average number of games per team each week during season
  • benefits required
    - capital benefits (up to maximum £100,000)
    - income benefit (up to maximum £300)
  • payment period – standard 52 weeks
  • deferment period – standard 7 days, with options of:
    - 14 days
    - 28 days
  • existing insurer
  • current renewal date
  • reporting or holding broker
  • target premium
  • claims experience (at least 3 years, ideally 5 years)

No proposal form is required for any of our contracts as the quotation request forms part of risk.


Claims Procedure

If you need to report a claim on behalf of your client please contact us.

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