Countryside Business Motor


We recognise that roads are the arteries of the rural economy, and that the vehicles on them are our lifeblood. That’s why effective motor insurance is so important for the success of businesses located in the countryside.

Our Countryside Business Motor Insurance is an innovative product available for a range of trades and occupations. So whether you’re a florist, plumber, builder, baker or shopkeeper, you can combine commercial vehicles, private cars, and even motorised horseboxes in this one simple policy.

We know that urban areas are full of risk, from the increased number of accidents that result in injuries to higher crime rates. We don’t believe drivers who are based in the countryside should be penalised as a result, so that’s why we only insure drivers in the countryside.


Features and benefits

  • This product offers a wide range of benefits to both brokers and policyholders:
  • Cover designed specifically for local businesses
  • Combine commercial vehicles and/or private cars on one simple policy
  • Multi-vehicle cover on a book and bonus (NCD) basis
  • Suitable for a wide range of occupations from builders and solicitors
  • Start with one vehicle and add others as they renew or the business grows
  • Vehicle Value Accumulation Limit £2,500,000 as standard
  • Fast and efficient UK based in house claims
  • Statement of fact for efficient policy administration
  • One policy with one premium and convenient instalments available
  • Attached and detached unspecified trailer cover