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Aerial Supplying  
Aerial Wholesalers  
Artificial Stone Wholesalers  
Bakery Machinery Wholesalers  
Balustrade/Railing/Staircase (Metal) Wholesalers  
Barrow/Wheelbarrow/Trolley (Metal) Wholesalers  
Basket (Wire) Wholesalers  
Bathroom Equipment Wholesalers  
Bathroom Furniture (Ceramic) Wholesalers  
Bathroom Furniture (Metal) Wholesalers  
Beer Warehousing  
Blind Wholesalers  
Bookbinding Machinery Wholesalers  
Boring Machine Wholesalers  
Brewery Transport  
Brewery Wholesalers  
Brewing Machines Wholesalers  
Brick/Glass/Tile Making Machinery Wholesalers  
Calculator Wholesalers  
Cash Register And Till Wholesalers  
Cask Wholesalers (Metal)  
Castor Wholesalers (Metal)  
Ceramics And Pottery Wholesalers  
Ceramics/Pottery Warehouse  
Chair Wholesalers (Metal)  
China Wholesalers  
Cider Wholesalers  
Compact Disc Wholesalers  
Container (Metal) Wholesalers  
Copper Stockists  
Cutlery Wholesalers  
Datestamp Printing Equipment Wholesalers  
Dictating Machine Wholesalers  
Die-casting/Cutting Machinery Wholesalers  
Dishwasher Wholesalers (Domestic)  
Door Frame Wholesalers (Metal)  
Door Wholesalers (Metal)  
Door Wholesalers (UPVC)  
Double Glazing (Aluminium) Wholesalers  
Double Glazing (UPVC) Wholesalers  
Drilling Machine Tools Wholesalers  
Earthenware (Domestic) Wholesalers  
Electrical Appliance Wholesalers - Domestic Brown Goods  
Electrical Appliance Wholesalers - Domestic White Goods  
Electrical Brown Goods Warehouse  
Electrical Components Wholesalers  
Electrical White Goods Warehouse  
Enamel (Vitreous) Wholesalers  
Fire Escape Wholesalers  
Fireplace (Tiled) Surround Wholesalers  
Fittings/Access (Electrical) Wholesalers  
Footwear Machinery Wholesalers  
Freezer Wholesalers (Domestic)  
Fruit Juice Wholesalers  
Furniture (Metal) Wholesalers  
Garden Netting Wholesalers  
Garden Tool (Decline-Power) Wholesalers  
Gates (Metal) And Railings Wholesalers  
Glass Container Wholesalers  
Glass Merchants  
Glass Syphon Wholesalers  
Glass Washing Machine Wholesalers  
Glassware Wholesalers  
Glaziers Wholesalers  
Golf Equipment Wholesalers  
Grate Wholesalers  
Greenhouse Wholesalers (Metal)  
Grinding Machinery Wholesalers  
Grinding Wheel Wholesalers  
Hair Clippers Wholesalers  
Handrail (Metal) Wholesalers  
Handstamp Printing Equipment Wholesalers  
Hardware/Ironmongery Warehousing  
Hollowware - Domestic - Kettles Pans Warehousing  
Hooks (Fishing) Wholesalers  
Iron Wholesalers (Domestic)  
Ironing Board Wholesalers  
Jar Wholesalers  
Knitting/Textile Machinery Wholesalers  
Lapidary Equipment And Supplies Wholesalers  
Lathe Wholesalers  
Lenses (Scientific/Industrial) Wholesalers  
Light (Neon/Fluro/Infra) Wholesalers  
Light Bulb Warehouse  
Lighting (Electric) Wholesalers  
Lighting Equipment Warehouse  
Lighting Goods Wholesalers  
Lock/Key Wholesalers  
Marble Fireplace Wholesalers  
Metal Stockholders  
Meter (Electric) Wholesalers  
Meter (Parking) Wholesalers  
Meter (Water) Wholesalers  
Microfilm Equipment Wholesalers  
Millstone Wholesalers  
Mirror Wholesalers  
Monumental Masons Wholesalers  
Musical Instrument Wholesalers  
Musical Instruments Wholesalers (Metal)  
Office Equipment Supplier (Including Electrical)  
Office Machinery Wholesalers  
Optical Goods Wholesalers  
Photocopier Wholesalers  
Pottery Wholesalers  
Printing Rollers Wholesalers  
Racking/Shelving (Metal) Wholesalers  
Razor/Razor Blades Wholesalers  
Record CD Cassette And Video Warehouse  
Record/CD Wholesalers  
Recording Equipment Wholesalers  
Reprographic Machinery Wholesalers  
Roller Shutter Wholesalers  
Saw Blade Wholesalers  
Scientific Apparatus (Glass) Wholesalers  
Scientific Apparatus (Metal) Wholesalers  
Seed Milling Machinery Wholesalers  
Sewing/Textile Machine Wholesalers  
Sheet Metal Machinery Wholesalers  
Shredding Machinery Wholesalers  
Sign (Illuminated) Wholesalers  
Soft Drinks Supplier  
Soft Drinks Wholesalers  
Soft Drinks Wholesalers (Ex Fizzy)  
Soup Wholesalers  
Stained Glass Suppliers  
Stained Glass Wholesalers  
Staircase (Metal) Wholesalers  
Steel Stockholders  
Stonemasonry Wholesalers  
Stoneware Wholesalers  
Street Furniture Wholesalers  
Surveying Instrument Wholesalers  
Textile Bleaching Machinery Wholesalers  
Tin Can Wholesalers  
Toaster Wholesalers  
Trophies (Glass) Wholesalers  
Trophies (Metal) Wholesalers  
TV And Radio (Component) Wholesalers  
Typewriter/Business Machinery Wholesalers  
Vacuum Cleaner Wholesalers  
Venetian Blind Supplier  
Video Equipment Wholesalers Ex Tapes  
Washing Machine Wholesalers  
Window Wholesalers (UPVC) Ex Fitting  
Wire Cable (Insulated) Wholesalers  
Wire Screen/Shopping Trolley Wholesalers  
Aerial Manufacturing  
Artificial Flower (Plastic) Manufacturing  
Astronomical Instrument Manufacturing  
Bakery Machinery Manufacturing  
Balustrade/Railing/Staircase (Metal) Manufacturers  
Barrow/Wheelbarrow/Trolley (Metal) Manufacturers  
Basket (Wire) Manufacturers  
Bathroom Furniture (Metal ) Manufacturers  
Beer Bottlers and Canners  
Blind Manufacturing - Metal  
Bottlers - Drinks  
Bottlers - Food  
Box Manufacturers (Metal)  
Brewing Machinery Manufacturers  
Briefcase Manufacturers  
Calculator Manufacturers  
Cask Making (Metal)  
Ceramics And Pottery  
Chair Manufacturers (Metal)  
China And/Or Glassware Manufacturers  
Clay-Based Goods Manufacturers  
Clock And Watch Repair  
Copper Plate Engravers  
Coving (Plaster) Manufacturers  
Cutlery Manufacturers  
Dictating Machine Manufacturers  
Die-casting/Cutting Machinery Manufacturers  
Dishwasher Manufacturers (Domestic)  
Door Frame Manufacturers (Metal)  
Door Manufacturers (Metal)  
Door Manufacturers (UPVC)  
Double Glazing (Aluminium) Manufacturers  
Double Glazing (UPVC) Manufacturers  
Double Glazing Manufacturing  
Ducting and Ductwork Manufacturers  
Earthenware (Domestic) Manufacturers  
Electronic Office Machinery Manufacturers  
Fire Escape Manufacturers  
Fireplace (Tiled) Surround Manufacturers  
Foil/Wire Drawing (Aluminium) Manufacturers  
Footwear Machinery Manufacturers  
Freezer Manufacturers (Domestic)  
Fruit Juice Processors  
Furniture (Metal) Manufacturers  
Furniture (Plastic) Manufacturers  
Furniture Manufacture (Metal) Including Repair But Excluding Antiques  
Furniture Manufacturing (Metal) - Excl Repair/Restoration  
Gaming Machine Manufacturers  
Garden Furniture Manufacture (Metal) including Repair  
Garden Furniture Manufacture (Plastic) Including Repair  
Garden Netting Manufacturers  
Garden Ornaments Manufacturers - Clay  
Garden Ornaments Manufacturers - Concrete  
Garden Tool (Declinen-Power) Manufacturers  
Gates (Metal) And Railings Manufacturers  
Glass Container Manufacturers  
Glass Cutters/Grinders  
Glass Goods Manufacturers  
Glass Manufacturing  
Glass Or Glass Goods Decorators/Engravers  
Glass Plate/Sheet Manufacturers  
Glass Syphon Manufacturers  
Glassware Manufacturers  
Golf Equipment Manufacturers  
Grate Manufacturers  
Greenhouse Manufacturers (Metal)  
Grinding Machinery Manufacturers  
Grinding Wheel Manufacturers  
Hair Clippers Manufacturers  
Handrail (Metal) Manufacturers  
Handstamp Printing Equipment Manufacturers  
Hi-Fi Equipment Domestic Manufacturers  
Hollowware - Domestic - Kettles Pans Manufacture  
Hollowware - Industrial - Kegs Tanks Manufacture  
Home Crafts Costume Jewellery Manufacturers  
Hooks (Fishing) Manufacturers  
Ironing Board Manufacturers  
Jar Manufacturers  
Knitting/Textile Machinery Manufacturers  
Lampshade Making - Plastic  
Light (Neon/Fluro/Infra) Manufacturers  
Light Bulb Manufacturers  
Lighting (Electric) Manufacturers  
Lighting Equipment Manufacturing  
Lighting Goods Manufacturers  
Lithographic Plate Makers  
Marble, Stone And Granite Works  
Metal Barrow And Trolley Manufacturers  
Metal Cutting And Turning Machine Tools Manufacturers  
Meter (Electric) Manufacturers  
Meter (Parking) Manufacturers  
Meter (Water) Manufacturers  
Millstone Manufacturers  
Mineral Water (Aerated) Manufacturers  
Mirror Manufacturers  
Monumental Masons  
Musical Instrument Manufacturers and Repairers (Metal)  
Musical Instrument Manufacturing  
Office Equipment Service And Repairers  
Office Machinery Manufacturers  
Pallet And Stillage Manufacturers - Metal  
Panel Beating  
Photocopier Manufacturers  
Photographic Equipment Repairs  
Point Of Sale & Display - Design & Manufacture  
Pottery Goods Manufacturers  
Printing Rollers Manufacturers  
Process Engraving  
Racking/Shelving (Metal) Manufacturers  
Radio Engineers  
Radio Telephone Manufacturers  
Razor/Razor Blades Manufacturers  
Recording Equipment Manufacturers  
Recording Studio Equipment Manufacturers  
Reprographic Machinery Manufacturers  
Roller Shutter Manufacturing  
Saw Blade Manufacturers  
Scientific Apparatus (Glass) Manufacturers  
Scientific Apparatus (Metal) Manufacturers  
Scissors Manufacturers  
Seed Milling Machinery Manufacturers  
Sewing Knitting And Hosiery Needles Manufacturers  
Sewing/Textile Machine Manufacturers  
Sheet Metal Machinery Manufacturers  
Shredding Machinery Manufacturers  
Shutter Manufacturers - Metal  
Shutter Manufacturing  
Sign Making - Metal  
Soft Drinks Manufacturing  
Soft Drinks Manufacturing (Ex Fizzy)  
Stained Glass Manufacturers  
Staircase (Metal) Manufacturers  
Stone Souvenir Products Manufacturers  
Street Furniture Manufacturers  
Telecommunication Engineers  
Telephone Point Installers  
Telephone Point/Extension Installation  
Textile Bleaching Machinery Manufacturers  
Tile Manufacturers - Stone  
Tile Manufacturers Pottery And Ceramic  
Tins And Aluminium Cans Mnrs  
Toaster Manufacturers  
Tool And Cutter Grinding  
Trophies (Glass) Manufacturers  
Trophies (Metal) Manufacturers  
TV And Radio Component Manufacturers  
Typewriter/Business Machinery Manufacturers  
UPVC Window And Door Manufacturers And Installers  
Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers  
Video Equipment Manufacturers Ex Tapes  
Vinegar Brewers  
Window Manufacturers And Installers (UPVC)  
Wire Cable (Insulated) Manufacturers  
Wire Screen/Shopping Trolley Manufacturers