Target Trades - Commercial Property Owners

Search Categories

Bottlers & Canners (food/drink)
Builders merchants - exc woodworking
Concrete products manufacturers
Contractors workshop/store - exc WWM
Double glazing manufacturers - aluminium
Electrical goods manufacturers
Electrical goods wholesalers
Electronic equipment manufacturers – assembly/components
Engravers - metal
Glass manufacturers
Glass merchants/wholesalers
Glass Bevellers, Cutters, Grinder, Engravers
Hardware wholesalers
Health clubs
Metal goods wholesaler
Motor trade repairers - exc spraying
Motor trade showroom/sales - no repair
Offices - Purpose Built Concrete Floored
Offices - Timber Floored
Plant hire workshop/store
Plumbers merchants or store
Precision Engineers
Printers - paper/cardboard
Retail - (Low Hazard) - Newsagents, Grocers, Baked Goods & Confectioners (no baking on premises), Books, shoes, Coffee, Hairdressers,Sandwich Shop, Gift Shop, Mobile Phones and the like
Retail (Medium Hazard) - Shoe Repairers, Clothing, Drapers, Bakers (baking on premises), Electrical Goods and the like
Stone and marble masons
Stoneware Manufacturer
Warehouses/Wholesale - (Non combustible products) max 5m