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Armed Services Outfitters  
Artist Materials Retailing  
Arts And Crafts Retailing  
Audio/Visual Media Retailing  
Baby Goods Retailing  
Babywear Retailing  
Basket And/Or Brushware Retailer  
Bathroom Equipment Retailing  
Bedding Retailing  
Belts/Scarves/Gloves Retailing  
Bonsai Tree Retailer  
Bridal Wear Retailing  
Cake Making And Decorating  
Camping And Outdoor Retailing  
Car Accessory Shop  
Cheese Retailers  
China And/Or Glassware Retailing  
Computer Games Retailing  
Computer Retailing - Business  
Computer Retailing - General  
Computer Retailing - Home And Games  
Confectionery Retailers  
Cutlery Retailing  
Dairy Products Retailing  
Delicatessen and/or Specialist Food Shop  
DIY Store  
Dog Beautician  
Dolls/Dolls House Retailing  
Electrical Goods Hiring - Domestic Appliances  
Electrical Goods Hiring - HI FI Audio TV etc.  
Electrical Goods Retailing  
Electrical Goods Retailing - Domestic Appliances  
Electrical Goods Retailing - HI FI Audio TV etc.  
Electrical Goods Retailing - White Goods  
Fabric Retailing  
Fancy Goods Retailing  
Farm Produce Retailing  
Fashion Accessories Retailing  
Fishing Tackle Retailing  
Food Store  
Footwear Retailing  
Gadget Shop  
Garden Equipment Retailing  
Garden Supplies Shop  
Gift and Fancy Goods Shop  
Gift Shop  
Glassware Retailers  
Greeting Card Retailing  
Haberdashery and Draper  
Hairpiece And Wig Retailing  
Handicraft Retailing  
Hardware Retailing  
Hat Shop  
Health Food Retailers  
Herbs And Spices Retailing  
Hobby and Model Shop  
Hobby Shop  
Home Brew Materials Retailing  
Horticultural Goods Retailing  
Key Cutters  
Kitchen Accessories Retailing  
Knitting Machine Shops  
Knitwear Retailing  
Linen Retailing  
Lingerie Retailing  
Luggage And Handbag Retailing  
Maternity Wear Retailing  
Mobile Phone Retailing  
Model Shop  
Motor Accessories Retailing  
Motor Accessories Retailing (Excl In-Car Entertainment)  
Music Retailing  
Musical Instrument Retailing  
Novelty/Carnival Goods Retailing  
Nursery Goods Shops  
Office Supplies Retailing  
Organic Foods Retailing  
Orthopaedic Equipment Retailers  
Outsize Clothing Retailing  
Paint And/Or Wallpaper Retailing  
Pens Retailing  
Perambulator Retailing  
Pet Accessory/Food Store  
Pet Grooming  
Pet Parlour  
Pet Shop  
Photographic Equipment Retailing  
Photographic Studio  
Piano Retailing  
Piano Retailing And Repairs  
Picture Framing  
Picture Framing Shop  
Picture Shop  
Plumbers Equipment Retailers  
Post Office  
Post Office - Sub  
Poultry And Game Retailing  
Print Shop  
Radiator Retailing  
Record CD Cassette And Video/DVD Retailing  
Record Shop  
Scientific Instrument Retailing  
Sewing Machine Shop  
Shirt Retailing  
Shoe Repairing  
Shoe Retailing  
Souvenir - Retailing  
Sports Goods Retailing  
Sweet Shop  
Tailor And Outfitter  
Teddy Bear Retailer  
Telephone Sales Retailing  
Television Retailing  
Textile Retailing  
Tile Retailer  
Tool Retailer  
Toy And Game Retailing  
Trophy Retailing  
TV And Radio  
TV And Video Rental  
Uniform Retailing  
Video Equipment And Tape Retailing  
Wallpaper Shops  
Wine Retailer  
Wool And Needlework Shop  
Woollen Goods Shop